Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend report

So the reading that RR and I did together on Friday night in Perth, Ontario went over very well. We read, along with Tish Cohen, to an enthusiastic and engaged audience at the Factory Grind Cafe, right on the edge of Perth's beautiful downtown. The event was hosted by the intrepid Johnny Pigeau, who has launched his First Edition Reading Series and will be opening a new bookstore in Perth in the next month or so. I got some interesting questions from the audience about the new novel-in-progress, the first time I've really discussed it in any detail in a public forum.

After the show, we headed out to a local pub called (aptly enough, for Canadian literary types) the Fiddlehead Bar and Grill. Feeling expansive and experimental after my reading, I decided to order an emu pizza, which came drizzled in goat cheese and other goodies. Apparently emu farming is a big thing up in Perth - they also had an emu burger on the menu. At any rate, I'm happy to report that the large, flightless bird is delicious and makes for an excellent topping on pizza.

The next day, we drove over to Ottawa to have lunch at the home of RR's editor John Metcalf and his lovely wife Myrna. We had a sumptuous meal and engaged in lively conversation that stretched well into the afternoon. While there, John was able to give me a copy of the new issue of CNQ, in which I have a lengthy essay on Ray Smith's 1974 novel Lord Nelson Tavern. I'll get into the article and the issue at a later date, but needless to say that the new issue is gorgeous and packed to the rafters with amazing writing. So you should go pick up a copy when you get a chance.

And despite all the busyness this weekend, we still managed to host a small dinner party on Sunday night, unpack boxes in our new apartment, and alphabetize some books. All in all, it was lovely. Of course, the fun doesn't stop. Tonight I'm off to the Dora Keogh here in Toronto to see my friend Jacob McArthur Mooney launch his new poetry collection, Folk. The festivities start at 7 pm, so if you're in the area you should totally come out.

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