Friday, April 15, 2011

Acceptance and publication - Novel excerpt: The Quint

Okay friends and neighbours, some pretty big news around here: Got word last night that an excerpt from my novel-in-progress has just been published in the latest issue of The Quint (Vol. 3 No. 2), a multidisciplinary literary journal based out of the University College of the North in Manitoba. As you may recall, they published four poems of mine back in the fall, and editor Yvonne Trainer asked earlier this year if I would send in something from the new novel.

What I sent her is an excerpt that I've read from at readings in Toronto, Moncton and, most recently, Perth Ontario over the last year or so. It's taken from (what is for now) Chapter 13, the place where the two main threads of the novel come together for the first time. The excerpt seemed to go over quite well with audiences when I read it aloud, so it made sense to send that. This marks the first time that any part of this book has appeared in print.

The Quint is packed with other cool works too, including a really great essay by Yvonne on how neuroscience and neuropsychology are affecting the future of biography writing. Fascinating stuff - you should go check it out.

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