Monday, April 4, 2011

Back online, and in a new home

So I'm happy to report that this weekend's move went more or less without a hitch. We were, predictably, screwed with our pants on by Bell Canada, which hooked up our phone but then promptly crossed the wires with someone else's line. But other than that, things went about as smoothly as can be expected when you're combining two homes into one.

The new apartment is, by the way, fabulous - the endless sea of boxes and unpacked bags notwithstanding. RR and I had a brief discussion about which room we each wanted our office in. I chose the one farthest from the bedroom because a.) I typically start writing around 4:30 in the morning and b.) unlike her, I tend to read aloud as I work. The biggest job has been, of course, amalgamating our respective libraries into one super library. Our combined book collection is just too staggering to phathom, but we're slowly working our way through the boxes, re-alphabetizing everything. (My bad - I forgot to label the book boxes as I finished backing them.) The shelves will look mighty impressive once we're done.

Lastly, I was happy to get enough of my office unpacked and set up to start writing again after several days off. It felt good - though a little weird- to be in a new space. I blame the strangest on the fact that most of my office stuff is still in boxes, and things will feel more natural once I get everything unpacked. Wish me luck!


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