Monday, April 18, 2011

New issue FreeFall magazine - and audio of my poem

So the website for FreeFall magazine has been updated with information on its new issue - Volume XX1 Number 1. I'm particularly excited about this, as my poem "On Choosing a Mattress" has been published in it after winning second place in the magazine's annual poetry contest. What's more, there's audio of me reading the poem that you can listen to. The hissing you hear is probably a result of the less-than-stellar mic on my Macbook; the echoing you hear is my voice bouncing off the bare walls of my home office as a result of last month's move.

For a much more enjoyable listening experience, I strongly recommend the audio for the winning poem, Catherine Owen's "Reincarnation Redux." This is a beautiful piece reflecting on loss, death and the possibility of returning as a different life form. I see Catherine Owen's name around in a lot of journals, and I'm very pleased to be sharing a line-up with her.

The rest of the issue looks stellar as well - it's got an interview with Douglas Glover (the judge for the contest) and one with the ever-hilarious Will Ferguson. Here's a list of newstands where the magazine is available; you should go pick up a copy.


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