Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Acceptance: ISLAND POEMS: A Collaborative Art Project

To any Charlotteotown readers out there: I'm happy to announce that a poem of mine, entitled "Donor", is going to be part of a show called ISLAND POEMS: A Collaborative Art Project, running from April 19th to the 30th at the Gallery at the Guild, 115 Richmond Street in Charlottetown. The exhibit, which is a joint project between the PEI Writers’ Guild, Peake Street Studios and a group called this town is small, "will involve the interpretation by 27 individual artists of 27 new works of poetry created specifically for this show."

This was a fascinating process for me: the submission rules required that I write a poem in one of five pre-selected poetic forms, and I chose the sestina - partly because I had never written a sestina before and looked forward to the challenge. Anyway, I don't know which visual artist my work was paired up with, nor have I seen the painting, but I'm sure it'll be an interesting collaboration regardless.

Alas, being stranded in Toronto, I won't be able to attend the launch on April 21st, but if you're in the Charlottetown area and can take in the show while it's on, please do. Then come back here and tell me all about it.

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