Friday, December 14, 2018

Fresh reviews in Quill and Quire

It has been a while since I've had some reviews in Quill and Quire, but I'm happy to report I've published three recently in rapid succession. Taximan, by Haiti-born, Quebec-based Stanley Péan, is a kind of memoir-in-stories about the author's time spent riding around in cabs. I also have a joint review of two short story collectionsAngela of the Stones, by Amanda Hale, and Tread and Other Stories, by Barry Dempster.

Of these three books, Dempster's received the most favourable evaluation. As I say in the review, "[A]t their best, Dempster’s stories do what all good short fiction should: give us characters who live and breathe and themes that braid themselves effortlessly around a memorable premise." Overall, I found his stories sharp, edgy and quite memorable.

Anyway, you can find these reviews online or in the December and January issues of Q&Q respectively.

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