Friday, February 18, 2011

Small joys for a Friday afternoon

Well, it's the end of another workweek and I figure some of you may be in need of a little distraction. Here in Ontario, we're heading into a long weekend (the government-legislated "Family Day" - formerly known as "Lonely Bachelor Day" around these parts) which I'm especially excited for. It's been a productive week for me - wrote a couple of book reviews, got manuscript copies of my new novel off to a trusted lineup of "first readers", AND I wrote my very first sestina. Fun stuff all around. So to share in my good mood, here are a few Friday-afternoon diversions that I'd thought you'd like. Enjoy!

For your listening pleasure:

Check out this cover of Leonard Cohen's "Who By Fire" by Jenn Grant and rapper Buck 65. Normally I would refrain from encouraging hiphop or its "artists" in any way, but this is actually quite a poignant and moving piece.

Or maybe you're up for a story. If so, let me recommend Anne Enright's reading of John Cheever's creepy and hilarious tale "The Swimmer", read as part of the New Yorker's short story podcast series.

Would you rather an interview? Then check out this fascinating one with Richard Ford, conducted by CBC's Eleanor Wachtel. I was actually in the audience for this one, but it's fun listening to the edited version for the radio.

For your reading pleasure:

Check out this lengthy article from called MFA vs. NYC. Pretty American in its focus, but some of the points it makes could apply here in Canada.

And lastly, RR has this great post up on her blog partly reviewing the day she had yesterday and partly reviewing the film Somewhere.

Anyway, have a great weekend everybody. Don't drink anything I wouldn't drink.


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