Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, and a birthday of sorts

Well, the Thanksgiving weekend is upon us here in Canada and I for one am geared up and ready for Sunday/Monday's big dinners. Earlier this evening I purchased a massive fresh turkey and several bottles of Sibling Rivalry white wine, which, if you're curious, goes extremely well with any and all poultry.

Thanksgiving has grown into a sort of grassroots tradition for me, my brother and his wife ever since I moved backed to Canada in 2006. It was that year that the two of them came down from Montreal to visit me when I was living in Guelph and we cooked our very first turkey dinner together - we all felt so grown up! It's funny how something so enjoyable can breed an annual routine just like that, and for the last four years the three of us (as well as friends and other family) have spent everything Thanksgiving together. It helps that the three of us all live in the same apartment building here in Toronto. This year is extra special because my sister, her husband and their little daughter will be visiting from PEI.

I should also mention that Monday will be a special day for me for another reason - it will mark the third anniversary of the release of my novel, Off Book. I'm sure nobody but me is interested in celebrating this, but I think I'll be raising a glass of white wine regardless. So happy early birthday, Off Book. It's been a blast. (And the little bugger continues to sell a few copies every now and then, don't ya know.)


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