Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sad Peninsula update: finalized cover and pre-order options

So yes we're still seven months out from publication, but my second novel, Sad Peninsula, has a cover! I'd been in discussion with Dundurn over the last number of weeks about three separate concepts they were working with, but this is the one that rose to the top. I'm probably the least design-oriented person in the world, so I got a lot of help from my wife and some friends in formulating my opinions on the various options. In the end, I have to say I like this a lot, and there are a couple of scenes in the book where this kind of display of Hangul and Hanja lettering is pertinent. (I also love the treatment just below my name of the blurb supplied by novelist Ann Ireland, who uses a word that I consider one of the great compliments in describing my book: bawdy. Definitely a term that doesn't get tossed around enough these days.) Anyway, special thanks to my editor Shannon Whibbs and in-house designer Courtney Horner for all their work on this.

And despite being seven months out, the book is available for pre-order from various online retailers. Of course, I encourage you to support your local independent bookseller whenever possible.

The next step is the printing of advance reading copies (ARCs), which will happen over the next couple of weeks. The ARCs get distributed to various book reviewers, festival organizers, and awards committees for consideration. It's great that they'll be done this early in the process, because it increases the chances of some buzz ahead of the official launch. I'll keep you all posted as more news develops.


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