Sunday, February 16, 2014

Acceptance: Front&Centre magazine

So I was just in the midst of my post-Antigonish Review contributor's copy celebration when I checked my email to find another acceptance letter for a short story--this time from Matthew Firth and the good folks at Front&Centre magazine. This journal is known for publishing work within the vein of "dirty realism," and my short story "In the Middle" seems to have fit the bill. Anyway, very excited to have a piece coming out with these guys later this year. And yes, the story will also be included in the collection I'm publishing next spring.

In other news: RR and I had a wonderful time last night helping Ron Schafrick launch his debut short story collection Interpreters here in Toronto. The readings went well and there was a great crowd of friendlies out to join us. I highly recommend checking Ron's book out if you get a chance.


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