Friday, October 30, 2020

Animals review on A Pilgrim in Narnia blog

 I really do love the smell of a book review in the morning. This one popped up yesterday: Dr. Brenton Dickieson provided a thoughtful and thorough critique of All the Animals on Earth on his blog, A Pilgrim in Narnia. Brenton and I were in high school on PEI together, and even shared a very formative Grade 11 English class. He also reviewed Sad Peninsula and The Slip on his blog, and I remain deeply grateful for his continued interest in my work.

In this latest critique, he writes: "What was the most effective part of All the Animals on Earth for me as a reader was Sampson’s ability to pull me into sympathy with the increasingly disagreeable protagonist. I itched to be out of the world that Sampson created as much as I wanted Hector to find a way to succeed. I would have been disappointed if at the end of the novel we all found out that it was a crazy dream, and yet I kind of wished it was. I felt so badly from the humans in this urban jungle while I found myself entirely drawn into the story."

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Launch Party Announcement

I'm very excited to announce that Wolsak & Wynn has announced details for its fall prose launch, which I'll  be a part of in support of my new novel, All the Animals on Earth. The virtual event will take place on Thursday, November 19, at 7 pm EST. You can register for this FREE event by going to this EventBrite page.

It's going to be a killer lineup as I share a virtual stage with fellow authors Jenna Butler (Revery: A Year of Bees), Anne Stone (Girl Minus X), and Susan Perly (Stella Atlantis). The great thing about this is sort of online event is that anyone around the world with an internet connection can attend if they like. If that's you, please do!

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The Globe's best fall 2020 readers from Canadian indie publishers

What? Who? Where? What? What? When? Yikes! My new novel, All the Animals on Earth, has been included in the Globe and Mail's annual Best independent reads to pick up this fall list. Colour me chuffed! It's a great list to be on, and features new releases from Ian Williams (previous Giller winner) Farzana Doctor (my fellow Dundurn alum), and other luminaries. Anyway, it sometimes sounds like crickets after a book's been out for a month or so, but this is some really excellent news to receive. Hazzah!