Literary CV

  • Big Wilson. Fredericton, NB. Emergency Flash Mob Press. 2023. Poetry chapbook.
  • All the Animals on Earth. Hamilton, ON. Wolsak & Wynn. 2020. Novel.
  • The Slip. Toronto, ON. Dundurn Press. 2017. Novel.
  • Weathervane. Windsor, ON: Palimpsest Press. 2016. Poetry.
  • The Secrets Men Keep. Vancouver, BC: Now or Never Publishing. 2015. Short story collection.
  • Sad Peninsula. Toronto, ON: Dundurn Press. 2014. Novel. 
  • Off Book. Halifax, NS: Norwood Publishing, 2007. Novel. 

Book excerpts
  • Chapter 11 from Sad Peninsula. The Hart House Review. (Spring 2014). 101-105. Print. (Ontario)
  • Chapter 13 from Sad Peninsula. The Quint Vol. 3 No. 2. (Spring 2011): 28-45. PDF/online. (Manitoba)

Short stories 
  • (forthcoming)"Unlimited Dream." Devouring Tomorrow, edited by A.G. Pasquella and Jeff Dupuis. Dundurn Press. Fall 2025. (Ontario)
  • (forthcoming) "Fall Back." The Fiddlehead. #300 (Summer 2024). Print. (New Brunswick) 
  • "In the Middle." Front&Centre magazine. #29 (2014/2015). 49-56. Print. (Ontario)
  • “The Fantasy.” The Antigonish Review 176 (Winter 2014). 13-19. print. (Nova Scotia) 
  • “The Man Room.” The New Quarterly 128 (Fall 2013). 100-107. Print. (Ontario)
  • “Malware.” The Subtopian No. 14 (March 2013): 13-22. Online. (Oregon) 
  • “Snoop.” Pithead Chapel Vol. 2 No. 3 (March 2013). Online. (Michigan)
  •  “Going Soft through Luxury.” PRISM international 51.2 (Winter 2013): 28-36. Print. (British Columbia)
  • “Invasion Complex.” paperplates Vol. 7 Issue 2 (January 2009): 43-50. PDF/Online. (Ontario)
  • “Invasion Complex.” The Frequent & Vigorous Quarterly Volume 2 Issue 1 (January 2009): 19-26. Print. (Nova Scotia) 
  • “Spring Garden Road.” The Armada Quarterly Fall 2006. PDF/Online. (Ontario)
  • “Advocate in Absentia.” Another Toronto Quarterly Autumn 2003. Online. (Ontario)
  • “Steam.” Kaleidoscope: An Anthology of Poetry & Prose by Prince Edward Island Writers Spring 2003: 39-46. Print. (Prince Edward Island)
  • “The Rock Garden.” Pottersfield Portfolio Volume 22, Number 3 (December 2002): 74-79. Print. (Nova Scotia)
  • "The Mosquito's Aphrodisiac." FreeFall magazine, Spring 2022. 8-9.
  • "Legacy Act." The Quarantine Review. Summer 2021
  • "Dracula, Count of Transylvania, Does an MFA in Creative Writing." FreeFall magazine, Fall 2019. 20-23.
  • "A More Humane Approach to Crucifixion" and "Sporran". Sanctuary: A Cootes Paradise Writers Anthology. Summer 2019. 102-103. (Ontario)
  • "Saudade." Juniper - A Poetry Journal, Summer 2019. Online. (Ontario)
  • "A Consortium of 26 Lien Lenders." Grain magazine. Vol. 45 No 1, Fall 2017. 56-57. (Saskatchewan)
  • "Singles Bar for Zombies," "Je, Zeus," "Open Ground Coke" and "The Mattress We Chose." Numero Cinq. July 2017. Online. 
  • "Dysthymia." Humber Literary Review. Issue 3 Volume 2. Fall + Winter 2016/17. 16-17. (Ontario)
  • "Lusus Naturae." FreeFall magazine. Volume XXIV, Number 3. Fall 2014. 31-32.
  • “Tragedies of Stillness.” Play: Poems about Childhood, the Kid Series: Volume One, edited by Shane Neilson. Frog Hollow Press. Summer 2014. (British Columbia) 
  • “A Millisecond of Gravitas.” QWERTY Literary Magazine. Fall 2013: 66. (New Brunswick)
  • “Dressing in Layers.” Toronto Poetry Vendors. Spring 2013. Poetry dispensing machine. (Ontario)
  • “Waiting for Summer” and “Tableau.” The Northern Cardinal Review. Vol. 1 No. 1 (February 2013). Online. (Ontario) -- "Tableau" reprinted in The Buzz. December 2016. A14 (Prince Edward Island.)
  • “Seasonal Sonnets: Five Guidelines for My Death.” The Puritan. Issue 19 (Fall 2012): 19-21. (Winner of the Thomas Morton Memorial Award for Literary Excellence, 1st place - poetry category.) PDF/Online. (Ontario) --Reprint: The Puritan Compendium I (Fall 2012): 35-38. Print. (Ontario)
  • “Cleve” and “Sullivans Pond.” The Nashwaak Review. Volume 28/29 (Summer/Fall 2012): 183. Print. (New Brunswick)
  • “Job Interview,” “Tragedies of Stillness” and “Blue Fog.” This magazine. May/June 2012: 15. Print. (Ontario)
  • “Donor: A Sestina.” ISLAND POEMS: A Collaborative Art Project, Gallery at the Guild, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. April 19 - 30, 2011. (Print)  
  • “On Choosing a Mattress.” FreeFall magazine Volume XXI Number 1 (Spring 2011): 21-22. (Second place winner in annual poetry contest). Print and online audio file. (Alberta)
  • “The Papier Mache Milton Acorn,” “Daylight Saving” and “Daylight Standard.” All Rights Reserved Fall 2010: 16-19. Print and PDF/Online. (Nova Scotia)
  • “He Says,” “Northumberland Strait,” “Grief that Shook the Earth on Its Axis,” and “Pottery: A Face in Shards.” The Quint Vol. 2 No. 4 (Fall 2010): 6-13. PDF/Online. (Manitoba)
  • “Inadequacy,” “Give Me a Kiss Before Dying,” and “Halifax.” Love Wanga (chapbook anthology, ed. Gerald Arthur Moore) March 2008: 17-19. Print. (New Brunswick)
  • “Morning Would.” Inscribed Volume 2. No. 2 (Spring 2007). Online. (Ontario)
  • “Windsor Street.” Velvet Avalanche: a collection of erotic poetry. Fall 2006: 146-149. Print. (Ontario)
  • “Tragedies of Movement.” Lunch My Favourite Season (chapbook anthology, ed. Gerald Arthur Moore) March 2006: 84-110. Print. (New Brunswick)
  • “Wine into Water” and “Pogrom.” The Martian Press Review Volume 1 (chapbook anthology, ed. Jonathan Ball) June 2005: 23-26. Print. (Manitoba)
Essay/creative nonfiction
  • "Will Anybody Care? Archiving in the Digital Age." Canadian Notes & Queries (CNQ) No. 100, Fall 2017. 57-61. (Ontario)
  • “Situational Exposition: Elisions and Inclusions in J. J. Steinfeld’s Word Burials”. Guernica Press Anthology. 2017. 137-156. (Ontario)
  • “Forty Winks: A Review of Sleep, by Nino Ricci, Bright Eyed: Insomnia and Its Cultures, by R.M. Vaughan, and Assembling the Morrow: A Poetics of Sleep, by Sandra Huber.” The Puritan (Winter 2016). Online. (Ontario)
  • "The Thatness of This: A Review of M. Travis Lane’s Ash Steps, Robin Richardson’s Grunt of the Minotaur, and Carey Toane’s The Crystal Palace." The Puritan No. 24 (Winter 2014). Online. (Ontario)
  • “Tower of Baubles.” Canadian Notes and Queries (CNQ) 86 (Winter 2012/13): 84-88. (Ontario) 
  • “Reaching for Something that Isn’t There: The Fragility of Canada in David Helwig’s The Glass Knight.” Canadian Notes and Queries (CNQ) 83 (Summer/Fall 2011): 72-73. (Ontario)
    • Reprinted in David Helwig: Essays on His Work, edited by Ingrid Ruthid. Guernica Press  Anthology, 2018. 65-72. (Ontario)
  • “Pearls Are More Interesting Than String: An Appreciation of Ray Smith's Lord Nelson Tavern.” Canadian Notes and Queries (CNQ) 81 (Winter/Spring 2011): 69-73. (Ontario)

Awards and appointments
  • 2019: FreeFall magazine's annual writing contest, 3rd place - poetry category. Calgary, AB.
  • 2018: Writer in Residence, Open Book Ontario. May 2018. Toronto, ON.
  • 2015: Canada Council for the Arts - Creative Writing grant. Ottawa, ON.
  • 2012: Thomas Morton Memorial Award for Literary Excellence, 1st place - poetry category. The Puritan Literary Magazine. Toronto, ON.
  • 2011: FreeFall magazine's annual writing contest, 2nd place - poetry category. Calgary, AB.
  • 2000: Literary nonfiction award, The Writers Collective (Manitoba). 1st place, annual personal essay contest. Winnipeg, MB
  • 1992: The Stay in School Writing Competition, winner - fiction category. The Department of Education, Prince Edward Island.

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