Thursday, September 6, 2018

NEWS: Representation by Transatlantic Agency

Well, I know it has been crickets here on the blog for most of this summer, but I'm making it up to you now by revealing some HUGE news that has been in the works for a while. I officially have a literary agent! Yes, I'll be represented by the incredible Stephanie Sinclair at the Transatlantic Agency of Toronto, as we move forward with my new novel, called All the Animals on Earth.

You can read about this news and get details on the new book by checking out the press release here. If you're on Twitter you should also follow Stephanie and check out some of the other awesome writers she represents.

For those of you who don't know, Transatlantic is one of the premier literary agencies in Canada, representing a diverse range of authors, including Sharon Bala, Iain Reid, Kerry Clare, Nathan Ripley, Elisabeth de Mariaffi, Jordan Abel and our very own Rebecca Rosenblum. The agency has signed some of the biggest literary deals in Canada in recent years, and I'm just tickled pink to have them going to bat for me and my crazy new novel.

Anyway, I will keep y'all posted on further developments as they arise, including news on the status of All the Animals on Earth itself.


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