Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Quill and Quire review of Every Little Thing, by Chad Pelley ...

is now online at the Q&Q website.

What's interesting about this review is that the first draft was far more negative than what eventually got published, but my editor wisely came back to me a few days after submitting it to ask if I wanted to take another look at my piece, now that I'd gained some distance from it. He didn't tell me to rewrite it or tone it down. He merely asked, in a very respectful way, if I could just make sure I was still okay with what I'd written, having had some time away from it. I was really glad he did this, because having cooled down after reading Pelley's book (yes, I hated it that much), I realized that the initial draft of my review probably did cross a boundary in terms of its vitriol, so I took another pass at it. I even managed to work in something positive to say. As a result, I feel that the published version is a much stronger and more balanced review. It just goes to show that a good editor knows how to gently guide a writer towards making good decisions and to re-consider his approach when it's warranted. Thankfully, Quill & Quire has one of the best.


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