Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why I love A.L. Kennedy

"The days of averagely successful writers being able to earn a living simply by writing have probably gone, if not for good, then for the foreseeable future. The tiny percentage at the top of the iceberg will be OK: everyone else will be cold, or cold and under water, or cold and under water and pale and bloated. This will mean more hours for huge numbers of writers; more work to subsidise the work you want to do, and more risk of falling apart while you push yourself too hard to get that extra inch forward."


  1. Uh, she's right, she's funny, she's insightful...but I'm not sure my day is better for having read this.

    Also, now I'm going to go to that link--I'll let you know if I need to be talked down off anything!

  2. Please do. I'll have a megaphone in one hand and my proud copy of *Once* in the other.