Thursday, May 27, 2010

Acceptance: The Quint (Manitoba)

Okay, I also just got confirmation that another poem of mine, entitled "Northumberland Strait", will appear this fall in the online literary journal The Quint, put out by the University College of the North (UCN) in The Pas, Manitoba. The Quint has published some pretty hefty names, including Heather Spears and Dave Margoshes, and I'm very pleased to hear I'll be included in its next issue.

The poetry editor there is Yvonne Trainer, author of several collections of poems including the absolutely remarkable Tom Three Persons (Frontenac House, 2002). Yvonne and I were actually "e-colleauges" years and years ago at The Canadian Literature Archive Website; and while we have never actually met in person, we exchanged many fabulous emails during that time and got along like peas and carrots. She's an incredible poet and you should definitely go check out some of her stuff.

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