Friday, October 7, 2022

My Interview with Jamie Tennant about his New Novel, River, Diverted

So look here. Jamie Tennant is an incredible guy. From his radio show Get Lit, hosted on Hamilton's McMaster University campus radio station CMFU, he has interviewed dozens of writers over the years, including myself. In fact, he's interviewed me twice: once for The Slip, and again for All the Animals on Earth. He has always been a kind, thoughtful and generous reader and interviewer. 

So when I heard Jamie had a new novel coming out this fall, called River, Diverted, I made a proposition to him: why don't I come back on his show and turn the tables, interviewing him and giving him a chance to have a bit of the spotlight. Well, that wide-ranging conversation has now aired, and you can listen to it here.  

I also need to thank my fellow authors Terri Favro, Gary Barwin, Michelle 'Shelly' Butler Hallett, Nathan Dueck, and my wife Rebecca Rosenblum, for helping me surprise Jamie with some congrats and kudos from past interviewees.

Anyway, I think you should give the episode a listen, and also buy Jamie's book! 

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