Monday, January 3, 2022

Acceptance: FreeFall magazine

Well, here's a wee bit of news to kick off 2022: I've had a new poem accepted for publication! The piece, called "The Mosquito's Aphrodisiac," will appear later this year in Calgary-based FreeFall magazine. This will be the fourth poem I've had in this particular journal in the last 11 years: I placed second in its 2011 poetry contest with a piece called "On Choosing a Mattress," and I also published poems in issues back in 2014 and in 2019.

This new piece, about a guy who develops a sexual fascination with a mosquito, is part of a larger poetry manuscript I've recently finished and am trying to find a publisher for. 2021 was one of my quieter years on the publishing front, so I'm grateful (and relieved) to announce so early in the New Year something fresh coming out. Anyway, I'll post about it again when I have more details.


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