Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Publication: Grain magazine

So I was very excited to receive my contributor's copies of the new issue of Grain magazine, which contains my poem "A Consortium of 26 Lien Lenders," a piece from my (very slowly) amassing new poetry manuscript. The issue also contains work from a number of other familiar names, including Nancy Jo Cullen and Trevor Corkum.

Astute readers may notice a slight error on the poem's page itself: the "26" is missing from the title. (Also, oddly, the poem's listing in the table of contents is not in title case.) The full title of the poem is "A Consortium of 26 Lien Lenders." No biggie, and I'm certainly stoked to finally be published in a journal I've been submitting to for many years. The issue is on better newsstands everywhere, so go check it out!


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