Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Introducing - Weathervane's cover, back cover copy and pre-order details

Lordy lordy, it's technically not even winter yet and I'm already turning my mind toward spring - specifically the launch of my debut poetry collection, Weathervane (Palimpsest Press, 2016). To that end, I'm very excited to finally reveal the book's kick-ass cover design, developed by the multi-talented Dawn Kresan. This rendering, I think, really captures the manic, frenzied nature of the verse within and the sense of displacement expressed in so many of the poems.

I've also got some blush-inducing back cover copy to share, crafted by poetry editor extraordinaire (and talented versifier in his own right) Jim Johnstone. Ahem:

A book of poems that’s as unpredictable as the seasons that guide it, Weathervane is part eco-tourism, part domestic nocturne, and part tempest. In a shifting world, Mark Sampson resounds like a modern Zeus, advising his readers to “wear galoshes, / even if it doesn’t rain.” Weathervane is an intensely personal, alchemical debut from an accomplished new voice.

Finally, I also want to point out that the collection is now ready for pre-order from the usual suspects, such as Amazon, Chapters-Indigo, and other online retailers. As with any other book, the faster you put an order in for a book (if you are in fact going to order it), the better.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'll post about other developments as they arise.


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