Thursday, July 30, 2015

ANNOUNCEMENT: Forthcoming poetry collection from Palimpsest Press

So I'm very excited to officially, and belatedly, announce that my debut collection of poetry, entitled Weathervane, will be released next spring by Palimpsest Press. I say belatedly because I actually received the acceptance for this manuscript a year and a half ago, but because I was already sitting on two forthcoming books at that time, I thought it better to wait to make this news public. I have mentioned it in passing to friends and at a few readings, but I wanted to make it official here on the blog.

I'm now in the process of editing the manuscript with my stellar editor Jim Johnstone, who has brought a wealth of wisdom and experience to the project. I'm also grateful to the great minds behind the press, Dawn Kresan and Aimee Parent Dunn, for giving me the opportunity. I've been a fan of Palimpsest for a while now, enjoying titles it has released by such writers as John Wall Barger, Shane Neilson, Ariel Gordon, Jeffery Donaldson, Yvonne Blomer, and of course my friend Elizabeth Ross, whom I did a co-reading with back in May.

Weathervane compiles the poems I've been writing and publishing for the last dozen years or more. Pieces from it have appeared in The Puritan, This magazine, FreeFall, QWERTY, The Nashwaak Review and others.

Anyway, I'll keep you all posted as more details emerge about the book's release.



  1. Congratulations! 'Looking forward to reading your new book and hopefully meeting you at the spring readings.
    D. Mahoney

    1. Hi Dorothy - thanks so much, and likewise! I think it's going to be a fantastic spring for poetry all around.