Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sad Peninsula officially on sale!

Sad Peninsula, available for sale today!
Alright cool cats - today's the day. After four years of writing and another two and a half years in the queue, Sad Peninsula officially goes on sale TODAY nationwide. I'm just so incredibly grateful and relieved to see this thing finally out and about in the world. Bookshops around the country have it on shelves; libraries far and wide are ordering copies; and rumours of reviews are emerging. All in all, I couldn't be happier right now.

I just want to take some time here to thank Shannon Whibbs, Jim Hatch, and the entire team at Dundurn for taking a chance on this novel and bringing it to the market. These folks fight the good fight every day, and my cap goes off to them. I also want to thank my wife, acclaimed short story writer Rebecca Rosenblum, for her continued support, encouragement and advocacy for my work (and treating to me to celebratory drinks tonight in a ritzy, TIFF-infested section of downtown Toronto). Big kudos to my parents who have just been extraordinary in encouraging me throughout my now 23-year journey of writing fiction. And thanks to all my friends around the globe who have happily lent a sympathetic ear and eyeball to this long, complex project.

Anyway, happy shopping!


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