Sunday, March 23, 2014

Publication: CNQ 89

So I received my contributor's copy of Canadian Notes & Queries (CNQ) #89, which contains my review of Douglas Glover's fabulous new short story collection Savage Love. This book simply blew me away and I was very disheartened (though not terribly surprised) that the various literary award juries overlooked it last year. But Glover is the quintessential writer's writer and you should definitely be reading him.

This issue of CNQ is labelled "the Montreal issue" and contains a number of interesting pieces from that city's great literary scene. There are pieces by or about Irving Layton, Robyn Sarah, Marko Sijan and other prominent Montreal writers.

Also: the cover is perfect for this winter that just doesn't seem to want to end: an old-fashioned community skate. It's probably the best cover that artist Seth has done for CNQ, and that's really saying something because they're all pretty fabulous. Anyway, on better newsstands now - go check it out!


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