Friday, February 10, 2012

Reminder: Reading this Sunday at The Only Cafe

Hey friends and neighbours: Just a friendly reminder that I'll be doing a reading this Sunday, February 12, at one of my favourite watering holes here in Toronto, The Only Café, as part of the Draft Reading Series. The event starts at 3 pm, but I recommend you get there early as the space is small and the headliner is the always-engaging Stuart Ross, who tends to draw a crowd.

Here are the particulars:

Where: The Only Café - 966 Danforth Ave at Donlands (it's actually in the next-door café section called, wonderfully enough, The One. [But don't worry, you can still bring beer over from the bar side.])

When: Sunday, February 12, 2012 at 3 pm.

The lineup:
Ann Elizabeth Carson
Kathryn Mockler
Stuart Ross
Mark Sampson
Noreen Shanahan

And SPEAKING OF BEER: The Only is famous around these parts for its vast selection of European and Canadian beers. Their array of Belgian (Leffe and Duval being among my favourites), German and Quebecqois beers, not to mention a number of high quality Ontario craft brews on tap, is pretty much peerless in the city. Plus, check out the place's ambiance and tell me it doesn't remind you of your first apartment during undergrad. Anyway, it's a fabulous place to drink away an afternoon, so I hope you'll join us on Sunday if you can.



  1. dammit! this would be the perfect sunday afternoon activity if i had a spare moment and/or was in canada. ... knock 'em read.