Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Acceptance and publication: Canadian Notes and Queries (CNQ) #83

So apparently I have an essay in the latest issue of CNQ. Who knew! I certainly didn't. I wrote and submitted the piece back in the summer but wasn't given any date for publication. I found out it was in print only after my future in-laws read the piece and conveyed to RR how much they enjoyed it.

At any rate, the essay discusses an early novel by David Helwig called The Glass Knight, published back in 1976 by Oberon. As I mentioned in my review of his poetry collection The Year One last year, I'm a big fan of Helwig's work and find his writing some of the most consistently enjoyable stuff around. If CNQ gets around to updating its website, I'll drop a link to it if it's available.

News of this publication couldn't have come at a better time. I've had three especially tough-to-take rejections over last month that have just wrecked me, so it's good to see my name in print even if it's just for nonfiction. Thankfully - thankfully? - the Korean novel is still in considerational limbo out there in the publishing ecosphere, so hope springs eternal. I also have a poetry collection now making the rounds, God help us.

Oh, and yes - future in-laws. Ahem. Yes, RR and I are engaged. Have been since May. I know, I know, I should've mentioned it on the blog sooner. But I'm mentioning it now. August 11, 2012, baby! Healthiest life decision I've ever made. Can't wait.



  1. Yay and boo! (As the situation warrants it, of course...)

  2. Rejections suck. But thankfully neither they, nor acceptances, are the foundations upon which we've constructed our selves. But yes, congrats on your essay!

  3. Thanks Kerry. Looking forward to reading your piece in the issue as well!

  4. Mark, you could look upon a rejection like this: That place isn't suitable for me. But I've rarely been in such a philosophical position. However, it's something I could strive for.


  5. Cheers Jeff. I totally get what you mean.