Tuesday, June 28, 2011

England, here I come

Well, RR and I off later tonight on a good old-fashioned English holiday. I for one have never been on that side of the Atlantic ocean and am very much looking forward to soaking up some old-world charm. It's going to be a fairly jaunty trip (see, I'm picking up the lingo already) with excursions to London, Oxford and Manchester. Highlights for me will be the London Museum, pretty much all of Oxford, and a visit to this place while in Manchester.

So needless to say, things may be a bit quiet here on FRR for the next little while. But barring any overdoses on real ale, accidents on left-handed motorways, or insanity caused by an inconsistent use of the metric system, I should be back here before too long. You may even see an update or two from while on the road. Wish me luck everyone!


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