Thursday, October 14, 2010

Four poems published in The Quint

Got word yesterday that the new issue of The Quint (Vol. 2 No.4) has just been published, and it contains four poems from yours truly. Poetry editor Yvonne Trainer originally accepted just one of my poems, "Northumberland Strait", but then ended up asking for some additional pieces from me about a month ago. I'm very pleased to see them there.

This issue is massive and includes a wide range of content. Because The Quint is based out of the University College of the North in The Pas, Manitoba, its focus tends to lean towards Aboriginal or Northern peoples issues. But I was impressed by the range of other topics covered as well - including an essay on Yeats and a number of reviews of books from Canada and aboard.

I was especially impressed by fellow poet Garry Thomas Morse's contribution to the journal, a spiralling, dizzying experimental poem entitled "The Untitled (44)." I strongly recommend you go check it out.


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