Friday, September 17, 2010

Eden Mills Writers' Festival

It's been a wild-and-crazy week here in Toronto and now that Friday is finally here I find myself exhausted, aching in a variety of odd places and, most sadly, plagued with a minor head cold/fever. But it's been a good week - Wednesday was actually my birthday, and was thus full of joy and surprises - and the weekend is also shaping up to be excellent. RR and I are off to The Eden Mills Writers' Festival, and if you are in the area and have the time, I recommend you check it out. Here's the schedule of events.

We'll be overnighting in nearby Guelph, a city I lived in for about a year back in 2006/07. I'm looking forward to getting together for drinks with some friends there tomorrow night, and also popping by the glorious Bookshelf bookstore. (They still had copies of Off Book for sale the last time I was there.) All in all, it should be a wonderful couple of days.

Hoping it doesn't rain.

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