Friday, March 26, 2010

Thanks to McMaster University

Had an absolutely phenomenal reading at McMaster University last night. My heartfelt thanks to the instructors and students of HTH SCI 4NN3 Written Communication in Health Sciences II course for having me come in to read from Off Book and talk about literature and the writing life, and for treating me like an absolute rockstar for the entire time I was there. The students were astute, engaged and engaging, asking tons of fantastic questions and sharing some of the struggles and accomplishments they've had with their own writing.

I was especially delighted to see how well read so many of the students were and how genuine their interests in creative writing seemed to be, despite the fact that most are on paths for careers in the sciences. The class is an eclectic mix of bright, hardworking young people with a diverse range of interests - everything from business journalism and midwifery to student politics and Canadian poetry. It's often easy to grumble about how the whole world is going to hell in a handbasket, but let me just say that if the future ends up in the hands of young adults like the kind I met last night, then we're all going to be okay.

Thanks again, everybody. It was awesome.


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